6 mistakes to Avoid when Selecting CCTVs for your Office

CCTV cameras can vastly improve the security in your office building premises and ensure the safety of all your personnel and belongings. The increased in the server’s processing power and CCTV’s camera power allow for the use of CCTV video analytics that will help in providing better security features of the entire office. Nowadays, most companies install CCTV software that can be fixed in the various parts of the office to record footage. However, selecting a good CCTV in important in the long run so that one can avoid spending excessive money on poor software and constant repairs.

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Here are some of the common mistakes to watch out for while selecting CCTVs for your office:

1. Looking at the price of the installer
Most companies might look to cut costs in any possible way and one such way is by selecting cheaper CCTV software. However, this is a mistake as security of the office is of utmost important. Most of the low cost software might have to be installed on your own or the software might not be in top notch quality condition. It is best to pick a trusted CCTV software of a good price that doesn’t need to be repaired again and again.

2. Not doing proper research
When companies choose their CCTV software, they generally pick the first few ones that come up. But in order to ensure that the CCTV software is properly installed, it is better to do a proper research and analysis of the best installation companies and their software. Pick the best one that fits your price range and needs.

3. Going for an overseas company
Choosing a company that is not located in the region you stay is a big problem as they will subcontract it to a lower maintenance local firm. This firm may or may not do a proper job and the whole process will definitely be more complicated and expensive. It is better to do a proper survey and pick a good local firm to install the CCTV software.

4. Looking for a CCTV software that fits according to your needs
When selecting CCTV software, it is important to select CCTV video analytics that operate according to the specific office and industry you work in. Don’t just opt for a software that fits all industries as it may not work well within your specific premises.

5. Opting for cameras with fixed lenses
These CCTV cameras only focus on objects that are within a certain range and thus will not be able to pick up information about an intruder that comes too close or is within a certain range of the camera. Make sure you pick a CCTV software with a camera that focuses on all kinds of angles and distances so you can record proper footage.

6. Going for VCR technology
It is advisable not to opt for VCR technologies as they wear out fast and have too many movable parts. It is better to purchase CCTV video analytics like digital video recorders that can capture all the footage and last longer. Make sure that the recorders can handle the cameras you installed.