Advantages Of Using Iris Recognition System

Biometric technology is the authentication that uses computer science to provide access control and identification based on the human characteristics. Behavioral characteristics used in biometric technology are patterns extracted via voice, gait, rhythm, typing or gesture. Physiological characteristics are related to ear, hand, face or retina features, fingerprints, DNA or even odor.

Iris recognition system is one such biometric technique used for highly classified information. Due to the geometrical configuration, protection against damage as it is an internal organ, and uniqueness of every individual’s iris; iris recognition is an ideal feature of a human for the biometric identification. The advantages of using iris recognition are:-

1) Characteristics – even identical twins have different irises. As the iris is protected by the eyelid, it is less likely to be damaged by scratches. Iris does not change as the person ages. The use of lens does not affect the automated reading. Due to the moisture in the eye, the iris gives a constant reading unlike other biometric methods like fingerprint or face recognition. Fingerprint or handprint can change in the case of extensive manual work. Face recognition changes as the person ages. Behavioral characteristics like rhythm, voice, and gesture may change over a period of time.

2) Safety – the level of safety is very high against theft. As there are nearly 266 different features that make the iris unique, authenticating the person quickly is possible. The system captures the image of the iris at 512-byte encrypted biometric slots. Providing a fake iris match is close to impossible.

3) Large scale database – iris recognition is ideal for large scale database handling. Big companies which have a huge number of enrollments can benefit from this system. Due to its speed and scalability, it is regarded as one of the best biometric authentication technology. Highly sensitive rooms or areas can be under the access to iris recognition whereas the remaining building or premises can provide access control through smart cards.

4) Easy use – the user only has to look at the camera and the camera identifies the user. Based on the identification, authentication and authorization process, the user is provided access. It is a smooth, contact-free and non-invasive technology.

This system is one of a kind and accepting such an advanced technology has proven to be a blessing. Providing the best is what the aim of any security providing firm would be.