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Positive Impacts of ERP Solutions

There are numerous advantages that ERP solutions helps organizations in Singapore. The productivity is improved, and the efficiency increased. The implementation of ERP is broken down into three phases. These are the discovery, implementation and the results phase. In each phase, there are some positive impacts felt. If you’re a Singaporean and are wondering if […]

Challenges Faced by ERP Systems in Singapore

Do you think you can fly if you eat a bunch of feathers? Well, it can’t work! Though other things can be done to fly. Likewise, in today’s digital world, SMEs have had the upper hand in opportunities. Although the challenges are many, the enterprises still come up with strategies to curb the problems. Let’s […]

How ERP systems are transforming Businesses in Singapore

Do you live in Singapore? Are you struggling to keep up with the top-guns in your industry? If yes, this article is for you. Contrary to popular belief, business success isn’t only about working hard and trying to do everything on your own. Instead, it is about working smart, outsourcing time-sapping tasks, and focusing on […]

4 Benefits of Investing in Technology for Stock Control

Technology has become an integral part of businesses in Singapore. It has been critical in the growth of companies that either stock products to sell or provide warehouse services to companies that need additional storage for their products. Without technology, the whole system would be chaotic, especially if the company is dealing with multiple businesses. […]

Technologies in the Warehouse

Technologies in the Warehouse There has been a lot of complex procedures involved in the warehouse operations since a long time now. This has witnessed a boost since 1945 and took to full swing after 1990. A graph of the past starting from the very beginning of this business to the current time would show […]

Using Technology to Stocktake Effectively

Using Technology to Stocktake Effectively   Stock management is the single most basic term that comes to mind when talking business. However with so many things to handle the focus can easily shift. But this is a process that demands attention because one slight mistake can make the outcome look pretty dreadful. So how can […]

What Does a Good Video Analytics Security Do?

In today’s day and age when security requirements for every business as well as home is no longer a luxury but a necessity, understanding and purchasing only the best is essential. While most of us focus on the security cameras, it’s the software that makes all the difference. That is why both CCTV and video […]

6 mistakes to Avoid when Selecting CCTVs for your Office

CCTV cameras can vastly improve the security in your office building premises and ensure the safety of all your personnel and belongings. The increased in the server’s processing power and CCTV’s camera power allow for the use of CCTV video analytics that will help in providing better security features of the entire office. Nowadays, most […]

Benefits of Self-Payment Service Kiosks

Video analytics – an important aspect of video surveillance

A visit to any location that houses businesses, corporate offices, public events, etc. doesnt go undetected. To the observant eye, most often in plain view, are devices designed to watch over the hustle and bustle of daily life. Not only do they record the comings and goings of humanity but are capable of intelligently weeding […]

Important Tips for Picking a Mobile POS for retail.

It seems that most retail stores are using a mobile POS system. There are many options for retail POS in Singapore, but it can make it hard to find the best one for your business. A mobile POS system does not need to be an add-on to a POS system. Here are some areas that […]

Advantages Of Using Iris Recognition System

Biometric technology is the authentication that uses computer science to provide access control and identification based on the human characteristics. Behavioral characteristics used in biometric technology are patterns extracted via voice, gait, rhythm, typing or gesture. Physiological characteristics are related to ear, hand, face or retina features, fingerprints, DNA or even odor. Iris recognition system […]

Gideros SDK for cross platform development: first impressions

Gideros SDK for cross platform development: first impressions

As mentioned in a previous post I have been trialling Corona SDK for cross platform development. While initially being impressed by the speed and ease of use of Corona, I had misgivings about the availability of technical support and the fact that all apps created with Corona have to be built on their server. My […]

iOS development blogs – 5 of my favorites

Here are 5 of my favorite iOS development blogs raywenderlich.com Without doubt this blog features the widest range of iPhone tutorials I’ve seen.  They are explained simply but in great detail and there is a particular focus on game development. Maniacdev.com For more advanced developers, this blog offers lots of new tricks and tips to […]

Learn iOS programming – 5 key resources

I am often asked what the best resources are to learn iOS programming. Here are my selections and the reasons why I recommend them. Programming in Objective-C, Stephen G. Kochan This book is a great starting point for learning Objective C. It is also useful for explaining core programming concepts to people who have not […]