Free App Appraisal

Maybe you have released an app but it isn’t performing as well as you had anticipated.

Perhaps you’re making your first app and you feel you need guidance from somebody who has done it before and been successful.

You may be an experienced developer who needs somebody to bounce ideas off, help fine tune your app, reassure you and take some of the strain.

In any case, I’m here to help you. I will appraise your app and guide you in the right direction.

When you get totally involved in developing an app it is easy to overlook key issues and make decisions you later regret. A huge benefit of an independent appraisal is that I can approach your app from a fresh viewpoint.

“We always appreciate getting a fresh perspective, and you’ve made several really great points that we hadn’t considered. Thanks again.” Forest San Filippo, Flippfly LLC

My apps have been downloaded over 2 million times and I have several years’ experience of developing for the App Store. It is likely that I will have encountered many of the issues you may have and can therefore help you improve your app.

“Asked for appraisal review from @microlemon … Great advice and now I’m brimming with feature ideas! Thanks, Simon!” Janene Pappas, Aphrodite Software Inc

All appraisals will be carried out in strict confidence. I am eager to help you make more successful apps so your first app appraisal is FREE. Email me now with a link to your app and let’s get started.