Learn iOS programming – 5 key resources

I am often asked what the best resources are to learn iOS programming. Here are my selections and the reasons why I recommend them.

  • Programming in Objective-C, Stephen G. Kochan

This book is a great starting point for learning Objective C. It is also useful for explaining core programming concepts to people who have not coded before.

  • iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, Joe Conway & Aaron Hillegass

If you only buy one iOS programming book buy this one as the principles behind the code are so clearly explained. If you’re like me, you’ll want to understand why you are doing something before you do it and how it fits into the bigger picture – and this book does that. It should give you a solid foundation in iOS programming.

  • Ray Wenderlich

Ray’s web site is a great resource for learning iOS game programming with Cocos2D.
There are also lots of general iOS development tutorials which are very clearly explained.

  • Apple Developer Center
There is a huge amount of iOS development information here. Unfortunately, it isn’t presented in a way which it is easy for the beginner developer to understand. I recommend new developers concentrate on learning from the resources above and use the code samples and API reference of the developer center to build upon this knowledge. The developer forums here are also a great place for getting answers to your questions – sometimes directly from Apple engineers.
  • Stackoverflow

The premier resource for coders who have a specific technical question. The chances are you will find a solution here, quickly. Just be careful to observe their posting guidelines.