Video analytics – an important aspect of video surveillance

A visit to any location that houses businesses, corporate offices, public events, etc. doesnt go undetected. To the observant eye, most often in plain view, are devices designed to watch over the hustle and bustle of daily life. Not only do they record the comings and goings of humanity but are capable of intelligently weeding out suspicious behaviour and potentially dangerous activities.

Video surveillance has been successful in gaining momentum since its inception, decades ago with the addtion of iris recognition system for security purposes . And with our dynamic technological society, it has not only managed to keep up and then some, but it has generated a novel avenue of CCTV video analytics that promises to continue growing well into the future. Listed below are some of the benefits afforded by video analytics that make it versatile and necessary in our world.

1. User Friendliness

CCTVs are easy to install and program to suit clients numerous and diverse requirements, be it from simple functions like motion detection, counting of visitors, etc. to more complex functions like foot traffic surveillance, facial recognition, etc. Such tools have made it possible for surveillance equipment to be available to the masses from all walks of life, rather than only high end businesses and corporates.

2. Ease of Decision Making

Despite relying on software and technology in everyday situations, video analytics play a major role in complementing the job of system operators. With the superior information that is generated through this program, system operators (especially security personnel) are in a better position to make and take informed decisions. In addition, hefty tasks like personnel, health and safety management systems are easier to handle and can be done efficiently.

3. Intelligence

Our world runs on data gathering and data analysis which is used to enhance the experience of clients and customers. Time is valuable and consequently, businesses are always on the lookout for technology that can minimize wastage of time. Operating 24/7, video analytics provide extremely useful information from vast amounts of raw data that aid in strategy formations and improvements, thereby propelling companies far ahead of their peers and competitors.

4. Superior Hardware

With a superlative processing power, surveillance devices are capable of handling an increasingly high number of functions. What seals the deal is the trend of decreasing prices with exponential processing power growth!

5. Innovative Solutions

Gaining popularity due to the flexibility, cost effectiveness and negligible bandwidth demands, edge based analytics is able to provide clients with a selection of device-specific functions. Additionally, room booking, appointment management, intelligent traffic management systems, etc. are available to clientele.