What Does a Good Video Analytics Security Do?

In today’s day and age when security requirements for every business as well as home is no longer a luxury but a necessity, understanding and purchasing only the best is essential. While most of us focus on the security cameras, it’s the software that makes all the difference. That is why both CCTV and video analytics solutions should be paid equal attention to.

One example is an Iris Recognition System. For a start, ATT Systems Iris Recognition System provides one of the most comprehensive security options which you can count upon. Visit their site here today: http://www.attsystemsgroup.com/access-control-system

What is a video analytics software?

A video analytics software helps automatically analyse videos to detect and identify movement of people and things in a particular area. It uses mathematical algorithms to analyse and monitor volumes of video content.

What it actually does:

It analyses

Its basic job is to analyse all video inputs and then convert them to intelligent data which can then be used to take decisions and understand threats.

Capturing real-time information and recording

An intelligent analytics software is able to capture anything that stands out both in real time and post event. It will notify you immediately of any threat or breach. Some only have the opportunity to view real-time and information does not get stored; while the more advanced ones store data and help you to analyse them post event as well. The latter of course requires ample storage space for the data collected so the choice is up to the person taking the service.

Motion detection

A good analytics software helps to capture even the slightest of movements.


While its main purpose is of course ensuring security, it can also be used to identify the overall footfall, the gender split of the people visiting your business, how effective product displays are and which areas get the most footfall and to determine trends.

iris recognition system is also for ensuring the right personnel with authority has acccess to the system . This is mostly used by retailers, store and mall owners who are able to use this service to help their business grow.

Identifying number plates

It can be used to note every number plate of the cars that have entered your business. It will also note if there’s an abandoned object left for a long period of time, helping you to safeguard your area of work with adequate time in hand.

CCTV and video analytics solutions work best together. If the software is inside each camera, you wouldn’t run out of bandwidth especially is you use this surveillance system for live analysis. So when you are buying surveillance system in Singapore make sure you understand what the software does and how it functions.